The Black Six

The Black Six were a pantheon of deities worshipped by the old Anasran nationalists before and during the Sea Wars. After the Thrakian imperials uprooted many of the temples devoted to the Black Six, their worship was lessened tremendously — Especially after a good portion of west Anasra was claimed by the Thrakian Empire as spoils of victory. “Black” refers to death — the six gods of old died after the Sea Wars destroyed the foundation of their faith. Before the Black Six fell out of favor with the Anasran people, the six gods were referred to by name.

The Black Six

Incabulos – God of wellness, dreams, and weather.
Ospre – Goddess of the sea and travel.
Trithereon – God of individuality, liberty, retribution and self-defense.
Valerian – Goddess of the land, forests, and beasts.
Aureat – God of guidance, wisdom, and direction (Aureat would survive the Sea Wars and go on to carrying much of the other six’ aspects).
Zarus – God of humanity, domination and perfection.

History of the Black Six

A mish mash of deities, the Black Six drew upon old religious traditions from Thrakian, Hporan, and ancient Mezzo-dominion gods. Thrakia’s temples and widespread worship seemed to have prompted visitor scribes from Anasra to record and glorify the Thrakian deities. Certainly through constant warfare on behalf of Thrakia and Anasra did the faiths of the two dominions mix. With Thrakian victories came religious reassignment; the Anasrans would slowly begin to worship a handful of Thrakian gods, but with Anasran revisions to the gods themselves. Incabulos, Zarus, and Trithereon — Thrakian gods — were re-imagined by the Anasran clergy, and likely bastardized by scribes and Anasran leaders. Up until this point, Anasrans had rather adolescent faiths, worshiping spirits and aspects of nature which paled in comparison to the deities of the west and the north. Valeria, Ospre, and Aureat were plagiarized from the noth religion, humans of the northern domains who bore similar cultural appearance to the warmongering Anasrans.

Through the reassigned implementation of Thrakian and Hporan deities, the Anasran pantheon came into its own. It was kept as simply six gods, each overseers of important aspects of daily life. Foreign historians and theologians (Thrakian in particular) resided in the Anasran gods as erroneous and offensive copies of their own religious powers. This would greatly contribute to the spark of the Sea Wars — the Thrakian dukes especially wished to see the false gods destroyed.

The Sea Wars

Anasra’s decade-long conflict during the last Sea War with Hpora and Thrakia brought ravage to its people. Much of the land Anasra claimed before the Sea Wars was a result of successful military or political coups, which was backed heavily by the church and the Black Six (especially Zarus’ church).

The Black Six

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