Those infected with lycanthropy become subject to an agonizing experience, ultimately becoming a beast if a cure is not found. Those who fall victim to the disease change forms at seemingly random times (but always after dusk). The disease is only known to contract via fluid transmission (usually a bite). Resisting infection from a bite requires an opposed hard Endurance roll (rolled in secret) vs. the lycanthrope’s POW x 5. Failure indicates that the victim has contracted the disease, and after an incubation period will become a lycanthrope.

The first time the victim transforms into a lycanthrope is extremely painful. The transformation alone deals 1 point of damage to all hit locations,and it isn’t uncommon to see lycanthropes with bloody wounds or bruises as result of shifting form.

If the shapeshifting doesn’t kill them, the victim typically succumbs to the disease in 1d4 weeks. Once a creature has fully become a lycanthrope, there is no cure.

In lycan form, the creature’s STR doubles, and their INT score becomes INS
(Instinct). Insatiable bloodlust washes over them, and the lycanthrope will seek victims to feed upon. Hints of humanity may still show through, and the lycanthrope may make Willpower rolls to avoid attacking those he or she cares about in their non-lycan form. All lycanthropes seem to show resistance against mundane weapons, but silvered weapons injure lycans normally.

Lycanthropes cannot speak any language they know in non-lycan form while in lycan form. They can still understand that language, however.


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