Knights of the Gilded Hand

Beneath the social grace of the Archpriest Blythe and the clergy of Aureat stand the Knights of the
Gilded Hand. These knights police and protect the realm, fulfilling the will of the church. They are
directed by the priestly lords and subsequently they are controlled by the Archpriest. The order
the Gilded Knights is centered in Athlacca, but a Gilded Knight can be found outside of the city and
the domain.

Each knight was once a soldier, a bureaucrat, or an expert of sorts who performed their duties to
the Anasran realm with high regard to the Archpriest. They were knighted and given a special set of privileges and duties, preceded by a simple oath that must not be broken except in death:

I, sworn by the chief hand of Aureat
take heed of his holiness
to aid and protect the realm
as the Gilded God absolutes
til death comes for me

Each knight is then given a task after a period of rest, in which they may set their life in order of
whatever procedure is next in order for them.

Knights must bear a gauntlet, wrist guard, or glove with the lace of Aureat. This is typically made
specially for the knight. Knights in armor typically wear a gilded glove or gauntlet with Aureat’s
holy icon (four interlocked ellipses beneath a star). Knights who cannot wear a wrist ornament
signalling their knighthood can wear an amulet or ring instead.

Knights of the Gilded Hand who are likely to see combat must carry two weapons of identical
nature. This is for three reasons; The first is that if the knight’s primary weapon is to break or
become lost, he or she has an immediate replacement. The second reason is if an ally or worthy
subject has no means of defending themselves, a weapon can be granted to them. The final reason
is if the knight is to fight an opponent, and that opponent is unarmed or vocalizes concerns of not
being properly equipped to do battle, the knight is to provide that foe with the extra weapon.

Knights of the Gilded Hand are sworn to be truthful when speaking the truth will not harm
innocents. They must aid anyone the Church deems to require aid (although a knight may express
evidence to his or her superior against helping a subject(s) if he has observed that subject(s) as unworthy).

Knights who abuse power or fail to live up to the creed may risk being dishonorably severed from
their title. A fallen knight suffers significant reputation squandering.

Knights of the Gilded Hand

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