Orthwood Manor

The Orthwood Manor is a noble estate located on the farthest outskirts of Ingledye. A noble of an old bloodline, Evander Orthwood overlords the estate. Peasants are allowed to live on the property in service of Evander, who lives as a widow in his grand house. Vincent Orthwood, one of Evander’s sons, is barred from visiting the estate. The reason why is currently unknown.

Cleese Devabane and the cottage

Cleese Devabane was Evander’s “Master of the Hunt” of the estate. The title was granted to Cleese for his excellent bow shot, his oversight of the estate’s security, and his ability to track and hunt animals for food or sport (Evander would sometimes arrange hunting parties with Cleese).

Cleese is suspected to have abducted Nylathira, according to Vincent Orthwood’s account. Verne’s observations in the Hinterlands may be in accordance with Vincent’s suspect.

Below is the map of Cleese’s abandoned cottage:

Orthwood Manor

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