I have tried to keep house rules to a bare minimum for Iron Domains.

Wisdom as a Core Characteristic

Wisdom is a core characteristic. This changes the following:

  • EXP modifier is now derived from WIS, not CHA (simply replace CHA with WIS to determine your EXP modifier — see page 13 of RQ6 rulebook).
  • Standard skill base changes:
    • Insight is WIS x 2
    • Locale is WIS + INT
    • Perception is WIS + POW
    • Stealth is DEX + WIS
  • Professional skill base changes:
    • Exhort is WIS + CHA
    • Meditation is WIS + CON
    • Navigation is WIS + POW
    • Survival is WIS + CON
    • Tracking is WIS + CON

Skill Caps

Endurance and Willpower cannot exceed their base characteristic x 5. There are physical and mental limits on how far a character can push himself. Example: if your character’s CON is 8, Endurance cannot be raised more than 40%.

Generating an Iron Domains Character

Use the rulebook to create your character (pages 12 through 18). Roll three Characteristic arrays down the line based on your chosen race and choose the one you see most fitting for the character you have in mind. If you are still not satisfied with one of those arrays, you may be granted another three if I also think the scores you rolled are not fitting enough. Generally, having at least a 14 or so in your prime characteristic is ideal (So, INT for sorcerers, STR, CON, or DEX for fighting-types, WIS for priests, and so on) but this is not required.

Remember, Characteristic scores do not follow the same scale as they did in D&D/AD&D. This is especially true for Intelligence, where a score of 7 or below represents sentience, but a score of 8 represents actual sapience. As such, all playable characters must have at least an INT of 8.

Next, figure all of your derived attributes based on your rolled Characteristics. Choose a culture and career and follow the procedures therein to determine what skills you may allocate points to. “Buy” equipment for your character using the silver pieces generated by your cultural background. Assign any other details to the character you wish. And please, write some sort of biography.


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