Ingledye is a township in rising, after a group of farmers conspired and overthrew the old tyrant Lord Lane for heavy taxation and loss of respect for the commonwealth. Its current lord, Ghenin the Mutinous, still sits atop the old lord’s hill and rules with the free people’s interests in mind.


A marsh surrounds the north and eastern sides of the town, which gave way to the town’s name; the ingle vines that make up a great deal of the undergrowth in the Trepid Moor bleed a fiery crimson into the bog during the spring. The pollen cakes the swamp and runs southwest into town. The plant leaves are used to dye clothing woven in the town, and its crimson is particularly noted in the dress of the town’s militia.

The interior of Ingledye is urban. The streets are primarily cobbled and illuminated at night (at least the more traveled roads are), the buildings reaching several stories.

Settlement Modifiers

Corruption Influence, Seduction, Stealth -5%
Crime Insight, Perception, Streetwise +4%
Economy ‘Income’, ‘Pricing’, ‘Currency’ -11%
Law Influence/Deceit -5%
Lore Influence/Deceit, Lore, Teach -14%
Society Disguise/Acting, Influence -5%

Important Figures

• Ghenin the Mutinous (Lord)
• Vincent Orthwood (Advisor to the Lord)
• Stosson Denswarth (Innkeeper at the Hog ‘n Armor)
• Alastar Fruth (Merchant at Alastar’s Sword Shop)

Important Locations

  • Ghenin’s Keep: A small castle overlooking the moor on a steep hillside on the northeast side of town. A thick stream runs beneath and around the hill, and a stone bridge connects the keep to the town. Ghenin was insisted to have the keep once Lord Lane was overthrown. Now, the keep is a quiet place, and Ghenin allows his cabinet of advisors and other associates to live in the keep, while Ghenin sleeps in his own home in the fields.
  • Orthwood Manor: A large manor within the soft hills of Ingledye’s outlands. The house is made of brick and cobblestone, and roofed with steep shingles. The estate is surrounded by 90% farmland and pasture for domesticated lamb and Cernian horses (both large and stout). The surrounding land is tended to by servants of Evander Orthwood, who are permitted to live and work on his land. Humbly-simple houses can be found about the territory.
  • The Hog in Armor: A picturesque inn, the mediocre tavern portion is managed by Stosson, the grandson of Brinle (the old innkeeper) who died a year or so ago. Stosson’s “friend” Falrov maintains the inn. The beds still have the quilts of Stosson’s grandmother.
  • Brewery: A large warehouse designed to appear like a manor, the brewery is currently being expanded.
  • The Icebox: A butchery, located in the market. The storage cellar is kept cold by use of alchemical ice, which must be replaced every few days. The alchemist responsible for the upkeep is Javed, a Shemite who relocated to Anasra to practice herbalism and cantrips.
  • Alastar’s Sword Shop: Alastar’s smith only forges swords and knives, although he will gladly trade or buy weapons he doesn’t make. The swords he does carry are of many types from many cultures. The shop is has a reputation for its construction, because it was in fact once an old temple that burned down. When the clergy of Aureat left the town before Ghenin came to power, the reconstructed temple was left vacant. Alastar bought it and turned it into an exotic sword shop.
  • Church of Aureat: A cabal of priests worship here. The church is large, for when it was built it had to outshine Alastar’s shop to be anything worth recognizing. The church is also only two years old, and the architecture is polygonal and thus contemporary. Four large ellipses-shaped glass windows are found above the shrine, which is located in the center of the church. Brilliant light shines into the apse, which features a white stone altar.
  • Lilac Fountain: A new tavern, with a specialty in wines. Filuria owns and operates. Noctbloom wine from Dyaidhir is available.
  • Caolin’s home: Caolin Many Totems resides here. An old druid of the “old, old ways”, Caolin moved to Ingledye after feeling disturbances in the Hinterlands. As an animist, she can sense and even communicate with spirits. She speaks of a sacred tor within the Hinterlands, that has become “impure”. Many nature spirits grew cold and left. She thinks the Dyad (an ancient spiritual haven located on the tor) is the center of this corruption.
  • The Rose: A small inn located outside of the market square.


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