Any special monsters or beasts encountered or known of in the campaign are listed below by category.

Magical Beasts


More often called “werewolves”, these beasts are a common figure in Anasran lore, particularly in Eastenlave, where lycanthrope sightings and attacks have increased drastically in the last fifteen years. They do resemble a cross between a wolf and a man, but their true origin is still disputed. A typical lycanthrope can loom over the tallest humans, and if a lycanthrope is not as tall or much taller than a man, the creature easily outmatches that man in strength and physical tenacity. These creatures feed on flesh and blood of animals, and when there is little food for the taking in the wilds, lycanthropes are known to stalk the outskirts of civilization. They rend with long, excruciating claws and are known to rip creatures limb from limb while they are still alive. Survivors of lycan attacks have commonly reported a proposed sentience about the beasts, some claiming that they have seen the beasts make crude traps or even played games with their prey before devouring them.

Lycanthropes are usually loners, thankfully. Encountered on their own, a relatively small, organized mob can put a typical werewolf down. In areas where lycans can be expected, militiamen and bands of lycan hunters have formed services to prevent or lessen the amount of victims harmed by the monsters.


Worgs appear to be over-sized wolves, typically black or charcoal of fur. Their eyes burn with unnatural malevolence and sapience. Some legends say that worgs are related to lycanthropes, but the two creatures have never been seen with one another.


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