Lord Murcahd

His Sacred Eminence's Gilded emissary


A quietly bull-headed diplomat of the Archpriest, Blythe. Murcahd was sent with an effort force of about thirty Athlaccan soldiers to take the reigns of Woodrothe. He currently maintains lordship over the town, but it’s unclear if his authoritative power is supreme. It is clear that his position is higher than that of Lord Sethimbul, as evident by Murcahd’s power to order Sethimbul and his knights.


A pale man of fairly average stature, Murcahd’s gaze and important garb suggests his asserting nature. He appears to be in his early thirties, but, like a fair amount of athlan men, has a noticeable amount of hair loss. The hair that remains is light blonde.


Lord Murcahd said himself that he has been a knight for almost ten years, but it isn’t known how he became one or how he has served the Church of the Gilded Hand. Sethimbul said that he fleetingly met Murcahd in Athlacca, but did not know much about him personally. Very little notice or detail was granted to Sethimbul prior to Lord Murcahd’s arrival in Woodrothe. On the 2nd of Blackmoon, it became clear that Murcahd was surely granted significant executive power in Woodrothe (a town Murcahd has never graced).

Lord of Woodrothe

Revealed in Chapter 1: Blood Will Tell, Murcahd is an accomplished painter. A common object in his oil paintings (as noted by Zerin) are apples.

Lord Murcahd

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