Jacapo the Orc

An aging orc who found repose in a simple tavern



Strength 21
Dexterity 11
Constitution 18
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8
Power 14
Size 20


Action Points 3
Luck Points 3
Power Points 14
Damage Modifier +1d8
Experience 0
Healing Rate 3
Movement Rate 6
Strike Rank 13


Skill Base Rating Plateau
Athletics STR+DEX 52 80
Boating STR+CON 72 98
Brawn STR+SIZ 85 103
Conceal DEX+POW 25 63
Customs INTx2 62 75
Dance DEX+CHA 19 48
Deceit INT+CHA 23 58
Drive DEX+POW 25 63
Endurance CON x2 56 90
Evade DEX x2 45 55
First Aid INT+DEX 26 65
Influence CHA x2 40 40
Insight WIS x2 25 60
Locale WIS+INT 62 68
Perception WIS+POW 42 65
Ride DEX+POW 45 63
Sing CHA+POW 22 55
Stealth DEX+WIS 53 58
Swim STR+CON 53 98
Unarmed STR+DEX 65 80
Willpower POW x2 63 70
Craft (Smithing) DEX+INT 44 65
Craft (Wood Working) DEX+INT 65 65
Engineering INT x2 55 75
Lore (Culinary) INT x2 53 75
Mechanisms DEX+INT 49 65
Seamanship INT+CON 71 83
Streetwise POW+CHA 55 55
Common; Anasran dialect INT+CHA 63 58
Dwarven; Castille dialect INT+CHA 43 58

Fighting Styles

Wood Worker (Battle Axe, Great Axe, and Hatchet) STR+DEX 81 Special: roll damage twice against objects and take higher result

Current Equipment:

Silvered Great Axe
Silvered Wood Axe
3 Silver


Height: 7’1"
Weight: 396
Age: 46
Career: Farmer
Family: None known
Culture: Civilized
Starting Money: 1350 Silver Pieces
Background Events:50, 64

Owner and Operator of Tabula Rasa Tavern in Woodrothe.

Character Information


Birthplace but taken at very young age due to orcish strength.


Skógrsson- Hporan Noth shipbuilder who ran his business on the Hporan southern coast. Only son died before purchasing a very young Jacapo leaving the business to dissolve upon his death “freeing” Jacapo.

Captain Francesca- Vastaban Trollclaw Trading Company ship captain that Jacapo originally rode out of Hpora and to the Castille City-Ship Urracka. Recommended Jacapo get a job working for Trollclaw.


Leon Burgos- Castille Employer at Trollclaw, likes Jacapo and teaches him of Castille society but advances in the company and once his replacement movies in Jacapo is replaced due to his replacement view on orcs.

Captian Rebby- Renegade Athlan smuggler who with Jacapo and a few other men stole a ship under Rebby’s captaining after rumors of Rebby’s coming dismissal from Trollclaw. Ship is renamed the Tabula Rasa and used as a pirating vessel. Jacapo enjoys favored postition on the ship because of Jacapo’s presence offers protection for Rebby. Rebby gives Jacapo his name after his lifetime of being called Orc. Eventually drives himself into the ground as power engulfs him. Jacapo takes to wandering from port to port.


Evelyn Moon- Middle aged Anasran tailor. Widow with a large family, saves Jacapo from Athlacca when Jacapo ends up in a fight agianst off duty guards and sentenced to prison. She agrees to take him as an indentured servant in exchange for a sentence. Takes him to her home in Woodrothe but does not tell the town of the reasoning for Jacapo’s arrival despite racial implications to her. First motherly character in Jacapo’s life, works his time in her service and the lumber mills providing assistance to the family and builds the Tabula Rasa.

Jacapo the Orc

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