The holy backbone of Anasra, Aureat is a relatively recent force in the world. Known as the single survivor of the old pantheon, Aureat rose from the ashes of his compatriot gods after the last sea war sent the old theocracy into ruin. Aureat was said to have transformed from the conflict and evolved, while the rest of the Black Six perished sometime during the wars. Aureat’s church would establish itself fully by 1150, becoming the power source (both spiritually and politically) of Anasra. The Church of the Gilded Hand still controls much of the way the dominion of Anasra conducts itself.

Church of Aureat

Mythos and History

The origin of Aureat is found in the Black Six, the gods of old. The Black Six were a group of deities, all derived from other foreign faiths. However, their worshipers were granted responsibility of the land-forms that the seas nestled. Churches for these six deities were erected as a way for the gods to communicate throughout the lands by means of shrines and worship.


Aureat is the backbone of the athlan people. Worship is integral to everyday life. Apostates are treated with indifference by the Church, unless that person has renounced Aureat and is of significant standing in society. The Church seeks to keep order throughout the land and spread its aims, but after the wars the Church is apprehensive to appear too controlling or interested in spreading to other nations.


Worship is organized very formally through the Church. The most influential church of Aureat is located in Athlacca, where the Archpriest conducts most of his ruling business. Other churches stretch across Anasra, most of them stand within civilization, but shrines to Aureat can be found outside of towns. These shrines are smaller than their larger versions; at a rudimentary level, each shrine contains a “casting bowl”, where worshiping travelers can pay their respects. The bowls are usually bound to a pedestal, and must contain water to be used to any effect. Any water will do, as long as it is not tainted, as Aureat will use it as sacred channel of worship for laypersons and clergy.

Churches of Aureat are impressive monuments of faith, typically classical in design and well-kept. Each church typically contains multiple shrines and a library of sorts, but the lore therein is usually restricted to members of the church.

The first day of each month is celebrated communally as a holy day. During this day, the exalted of Aureat are knighted and laypersons and non-members are strongly encouraged to attend Church services and worship. Priests and acolytes may attend non-members in attempts to heal them of common ailments en masse.


Lay members / non-clergy

  1. Must pay token to the Church; the amount depends on the church’s location, but the lay member typically pays token on the first day of the start of the second week of each month (indicative of a week of access to some minor Church services).
  2. Must attend all festivals of the Church.

Initiates (known as Dedicates or Brothers)

  1. Must understand the aims, creeds, and nature of the Church and of Aureat.
  2. Must pledge themselves fully to the Church, working assignments of superiors.
  3. Must know at least five cult skills at 50% or more.

Acolytes (known as Clerics)

  1. Must have serviced the Church for at least two years, but typically three.
  2. Must have studied or practiced at least four cult skills to 70% or more.
  3. Must travel to Reculver to make sacrifice at the Temple of the Hills.

Priests (known as Cardinals)

  1. Must have serviced the Church for at least five years.
  2. Must have studied or practiced at least three cult skills to 90% or more.

The Archpriest

  1. This position is only held by the chosen of Aureat. He is divinely held but typically has to serve the Church for decades and attain “mastery” in the Church’s key skills and tenets.


  • Never speak of Aureat or pray to Aureat in a shrine or place of worship of another faith
  • Never turn away the wounded or sick (this tenet is coming into question).
  • Never leave a corpse for the vultures


Standard Skills: First Aid, Endurance, Influence
Professional Skills: Devotion, Exhort, Healing, Lore (Religion), Oratory, Teach



(Folk Magic): Avert, Bypass, Calm, Cleanse, Deflect, Find Sickness, Heal, Vigour.


Cure Malady, Dismiss Magic, Heal Wound, Lay to Rest, Resurrect.


Cure Sense, Exorcism, Fecundity, Heal Body, Heal Mind, Pacify.


Rejuvenate, Resurrect.


True devotees are granted the Healthy gift. The highest priests of Aureat are often granted the Perfection gift (typically to Wisdom or Charisma).

Allies and Enemies


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