A dominion comprised mostly of rolling hills and near-abyssal forests, Anasra seats an old monarchy spanning many bloodlines and kings. The Anasran forces of old were feared across the civilized world, but the creation of the Church of the Gilded Hand calmed a great deal of the kingdom’s combative lust by ousting the old revered pantheon. Since then, the dominion has stayed quite the same, its people living socially regimented lives. The domain of Anasra is known for its religiosity, its copper, and its terrible lycanthropes.

Due to lycanthropy, night watches are extremely important in the larger cities. The smaller townships cannot afford the luxuries of being well-protected from the night beasts, so Knights of the Gilded Hand are often sent to aid those towns and villages.

Government: Feudal monarchy. Fealty is owed by all lords to the Church of the Gilded Hand.
Ruler(s): Content Not Found: archpriest-blythe
Cities: Athlacca (M), Cerne (ST), Eastenlave (LC), Ingledye (LT), Oundulain (M), Reculver (V), Three Stars (V), Woodrothe (ST).
Resources: Copper, cloth, foodstuffs, livestock, lumber.
Population: Human 80%, Halfling 7% , Elf 5%, Dwarf 5%, Other 3%
Allies: Wilcale, Knights of the Gilded Hand
Enemies: Thraikian Imperials, the Dead Pantheon, retreated denizens of the Pale Hinterlands (distrusted)



Main Article: Athlacca

Known as the “Athlan City of Ages”, Athlacca is a settlement spanning many centuries back to ancient times. Its port is well-known throughout the civilized world as a beautiful harbor of a once great navy. The city itself is breathtakingly dense, its towers, castles, and more humble establishments features of classic athlan architecture. It is a city of many guilds and businesses, and foreigners bartering and exporting allows the city to take in its share of exotic goods and wares. The Church of the Gilded Hand disallows all other religions to build shrines or temples within the city — a prompt for some cults to form underground.


Main Article: Cerne

Cerne is a farmer’s haven located at the northwest corner of Anasra. Its close proximity to Wilcale has given the city a significant halfling population, though many of these halflings live on the outskirts. Horse-breeding is a popular occupation in Cerne, and the town is known for its miniature “Stouthoof” breed, which is a common workhorse for halfling millers and riding horse for stout travelers.


Main Article: Eastenlave

The sister city of Athlacca, Eastenlave has long lived in the shadow cast by the Athlan City of Ages. Unfortunately known for its shortcomings of being an attempt of a great city, Eastenlave has a lackluster harbor, town watch, business regulations, and even its churches are underpopulated and in disarray.


Main Article: Ingledye

Ingledye is a township in rising, after a group of farmers conspired and overthrew the old tyrant Lord Lane for heavy taxation and loss of respect for the commonwealth. Its current lord, Ghenin the Mutinous, still sits atop the old lord’s hill and rules with the free people’s interests in mind.


Main Article: Oundulain

At the mouth of the Mere of Drowned Sultans, Oundulain stands. A city as large in scope as its populace’s demographics, Oundulain is nearing the bureaucratic end of becoming a city-state. The colorful cast of the city’s representatives are becoming entitled to detaching from the struggle of Anasran and Thrakian politics. Both of those nations are reprimanding in their plight to shape Oundulain into its own sovereign state, and tensions are expanding for both nations to take harsh action.


Main Article: Reculver


Main Article: Thalthdale

Three Stars

Main Article: Three Stars


Main Article: Woodrothe

A quaint town tucked into the nest of the Pale Hinterlands, Woodrothe is a place of gentle repose for the lumberers and retirees who live there. Threatened by lycanthropes at its heels, Woodrothe houses several Knights of the Gilded Hand to ward off any would-be threats from the supposed lycans, but in recent times the only thing threatening the watch is boredom.

Geographical Features

The Pale Hinterlands

Main Article: The Pale Hinterlands

A vast area of forests, heath, and bogs. Many nomadic and ancient folk live in the Hinterlands. A region primarily associated with venerable druids, latent elves, noxious rangers, and wandering monstrosities, the Pale Hinterlands is subsequently mostly unexplored by civilization. The gloom of the forests and moors have inspired many myths and legends, many true to some degree. Many of the sapient inhabitants of the deeper Hinterlands are not settled to a particular area, relocating to areas of safety and security. Travelers often avoid these nomads, unless they can serve as guides through the wooded shortcuts to other civilizations.

Miscellaneous Features

Customs and Lore

Anasran Lycanthropy

Main Article: Lycanthropy

Terrible creatures called lycanthropes roam the lands and lurk the streets of Anasra some nights. The phenomenon of lycanthropy is not a new one to the athlan culture, but its prevalence has increased drastically in the contemporary decade. Resembling something between a fiendish wolf and a man, lycanthropes are powerful bloodthirsty beasts who seem to thrive on murder and feast on human flesh.

Knights of the Gilded Hand

Main Article: Knights of the Gilded Hand

The dominion of Anasra is watched over and protected by a faction of knights controlled by the Church of Aureat. The knights have always served the Archpriest directly. In contemporary times, Knights of the Gilded Hand perfrom many functions, from defense, to diplomacy, and even espionage.


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