Iron Domains

Prologue Session


1st of Blackmoon, 1297 C.Y.

Autumn descends on the dominion of Anasra. The quiet town of Woodrothe lay nestled into the fringes of the Pale Hinterlands, its outskirts eyed carefully for any signs of lycanthropes after a lycan attack in the spring.

We meet the three protagonists, Jacapo the Orc, a weathered and traveled humanized orc who built his own alehouse to settle into, Sir Victor Albion, a Knight of the Gilded Hand laison on watch over the town, and Zerin Laurentius, a university graduate and teacher of the arts of magic.

The quiet life of the three seems to be coming to an end after they are warned of an impending Gilded Hand force en route to militarize the town in response of a dastardly plague spreading quickly throughout the sister cities of Athlacca and Eastenlave, not far to the east.

Pre-game discussion pt. 2

Brent’s forehead dies this night. Over twelve hours of additional material is missing due to kidney stones.

Pre-game discussion pt. 1

We explore character options, roll core characteristics, and Aaron hates on the lifespans of elves.


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