Sir Victor Albion

Restless knight of a holy order, stationed in a town of no turmoil



Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 9
Charisma 10
Power 15
Size 10


Action Points 3
Luck Points 3
Power Points 15
Damage Modifier +1d2
Experience 0
Healing Rate 3
Movement Rate 6
Strike Rank 15


Athletics STR+DEX 30
Boating STR+CON 29
Brawn STR+SIZ 26
Conceal DEX+POW 29
Customs INTx2 32 (82: Anasra)
Dance DEX+CHA 24
Deceit INT+CHA 25 (35)
Drive DEX+POW 29
Endurance CON x2 26 (36)
Evade DEX x2 28 (48)
First Aid INT+DEX 29
Influence CHA x2 20 (40)
Insight WIS x2 18 (28)
Locale WIS+INT 24 (34)
Native Tongue INT+CHA 25 (65: Common, Athlan dialect)
Perception WIS+POW 24 (44)
Ride DEX+POW 29 (39)
Sing CHA+POW 25
Stealth DEX+WIS 23
Swim STR+CON 29
Unarmed STR+DEX 30 (40)
Willpower POW x2 30
Engineering INT x2 30 cant roll wit bases, nigga
Lore (Military History) INT x2 30 (55)
Lore (Strategy and Tactics) INT x2 30 (55)
Oratory POW+CHA 25 (35)

Fighting Styles

Knight of the Gilded Hand (Shield, shortsword, spear) STR+DEX 30 (65) Special: Can draw or prime a weapon as a reactive action instead of a proactive action.

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 141
Age: 36
Culture: Civilized
Starting Money:

Background events.
Somehow you have picked up a loyal companion or retainer. Maybe a childhood friend; perhaps a hanger-on from
some chance encounter. This does not necessarily make your companion a welcome presence, but the relationship has
somehow endured over the years.

You were born with an unusual sensitivity to a particular substance, species of creature or type of supernatural power.
When the subject in question is nearby, you suffer a mild physiological effect such as tingling fingers, sneezing or
headaches. Upon a successful Perception roll you can determine the rough location of the detected thing.

family table
both parents liveing
5 siblings
2 grandparents
5 aunts/uncles
3 cousins

family reputation :excellent standings

connection: As above, but the family also enjoys some status with those
commanding regional power

personal connections: 1 rival 2 allies
Family connections: 3 Contacts

Career: Warrior
Bodyguard, Champion, Mercenary, Pit
Fighter, Soldier…
Professional soldiers are the warrior class
of a community; this is the career of the fighting
man. Most of their time is spent patrolling,
guarding and training – focusing on the
use of weapons, close-quarter tactics and the
study of enemy styles to make the most of
any future opportunities. The warrior may or
may not follow a particular martial code and
similarly he might focus on finesse or simple
҉҉Standard Skills: Athletics, Brawn,
Endurance, Evade, Unarmed; Combat
Style (Cultural Style), Combat Style
(Speciality Style)
҉҉Professional Skills: Craft (any), Engineering,
Gambling, Lore (Military History),
Lore (Strategy and Tactics), Oratory,

Social Class:Gentile

Bailiff, Equite, Master,
Official, Steward, Warden
Owns property, farm or business;
furniture, tools, weapons & armour,
mount, several servant or slave
retainers; support from locals

Starting money: 3825

Sir Victor Albion

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