Madyr of Dyaidhir and Zerin's apprentice


(Nila-theera) A young elven madyr from Dyaidhir. She is bright, kind, but distanced by her elven sense of pace and narrow knowledge of the athlan language. Her father Iadresan is in good-standing with Lord Damanys, and so to help ethryn/athlan relations in the Pale hinterlands flourish, Damanys has given Nylathira to Zerin to instruct in the ways of Athlaccan magic. He teaches Nylathira for free — the price of diplomacy. Lord Damarys pays Zerin extra for teaching his son Xavier, however.

Nylaa’s madyr status in her community outlined her life’s purpose to wield magic and protect her homeland. However, the former madyr died suddenly, leaving no instructor for Nylaa.


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