Fenton Lacoth

Highborn Iyrebane king, banished from his Utopian throne



Strength 9
Dexterity 20
Constitution 8
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 5
Charisma 20
Power 7
Size 16


Action Points 4
Luck Points 2
Power Points 7
Damage Modifier 0
Experience -1
Healing Rate 2
Movement Rate 6m
Strike Rank 20


Athletics STR+DEX 31
Boating STR+CON 17
Brawn STR+SIZ 25
Conceal DEX+POW 27
Customs INTx2 49
Dance DEX+CHA 65
Deceit INT+CHA 54
Drive DEX+POW 27
Endurance CON x2 16
Evade DEX x2 40
First Aid INT+DEX 44
Influence CHA x2 60
Insight WIS x2 15
Locale WIS+INT 29
Perception WIS+POW 27
Ride DEX+POW 27
Sing CHA+POW 37
Stealth DEX+WIS 25
Swim STR+CON 17
Unarmed STR+DEX 29
Willpower POW x2 14
Acting CHA x 2 55
Art (poetry) POW + CHA 42
Bureaucracy INT x 2 48
Lore (mythology) INT x 2 53
Musicianship DEx + CHA 50
Seduction INT + CHA 54
Elven; Iyrebane dialect INT+CHA 79
Common; Anasran dialect INT+CHA 59

Fighting Styles


Fenton was born and raised among the bourgeoisie. He grew up well educated and well to do, primed and preened to become a courtier. Whether sycophant or accountant his future laid set in stone ahead. The district of elves he resided among treasured aesthetics and hedonism. They also partook in rich displays of emotion, often leading to jealousy and contrived plans of emotional devastation. Their culture never bored him and he basked in the artistry and the open, ambiguous sexuality of his kind.

Fenton’s father, a suspiciously human like elf named Dungarth, had been the favoured childhood friend of the monarch Inzul of their district. He saved this future monarch from death in fact, in an instance of courageous childhood blunder. However Fenton’s mother Brey, a wily woman, fancied the power and prestige this monarch possessed and she plotted to destroy her husband all the while cultivating a friendship with the monarch.

Dungarth’s brother Elgoth, married to a she elf with one offspring, misliked his younger brother’s high standing and adoration in the eyes of the monarch. He desired for his female offspring to be married off and for he to be accepted into the ruling family and not remain low bourgeoisie. Once accepted into the royal family, Elgoth would court and seduce the monarch. One evening Elgoth noticed the obvious coquetry of Brey at a formal dinner and met with her in secret to learn of her plot and to assist her in the murder of her husband.

Poison was chosen and thus came the passing of Dungarth. But Elgoth had also decided that Brey’s purpose to him was at an end and he betrayed her. He announced to Inzul that she murdered his beloved Dungarth out of jealous misery and demanded she be punished for the destruction of his brother. Inzul agreed and he removed her glamour and magicks and banished the she elf to the wild to forever wander the forests as an old crone.

Fenton at the time was of a ripened age of one hundred and much to Elgoth’s surpise and dismay, Inzul elected the orphaned Fenton to be his heir. Around this time a war had surfaced between Inzul’s district and another and the monarch went to battle to never return.

Fenton, a tall elf with fair hair and grey eyes, possessing all the beauty of his mother and nothing of his father, accepted the role of monarch. His uncle Elgoth vanished for many years and much was forgotten of his familial troubles as he ruled in luxury for a few decades. Every day he bathed in the nutritious spring waters, dined on the finest of fare, drank liberally, lay with all manner of male and female, and indulged in the arts.

For forty years this went on until Elgoth returned. He had become a powerful druidic elf; severed from luxuries and highly attuned to himself he covered the district with a charm. He claimed Fenton had murdered poor Inzul on the field of battle in an act of betrayal and desire for the throne. Regardless of the fact that Fenton did not fight in the war prior to his rule, the district fell under the powers of Elgoth and they tore Fenton of his monarchy and cast him from their lands to raise Elgoth to power.

Elgoth desired the demise of Fenton and to finally end all possibility of rivals and so he held the young elf prisoner, intending on a public execution. Fenton, more clever than any imagined, escaped his prison and future tomb and fled the elf world.

Finding himself in the wild and with no comfort, wandered. Unaware of how to accomplish the simplest of survival tasks he schlepped through the forest. He wept for many nights, afraid, uncomfortable, and uninterested in eating river weeds and bathing in murky waters.

He realized he had to reclaim his throne and cast down the malevolent druid, his uncle, Elgoth.

Fenton Lacoth

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